Trochilidae kennel

Trochilidae kennel Chihuahua


Hi and welcome to Trochilidae kennel!
Owner to this prefix is us Lena & Josefin Petersson - Mother and daugther :)
We share the same intrest for dogs, genetics, breeding and dogshows.
  Hope you will enjoy your visit!


The owners of Trochilidae 

Name: Josefin Marianne Petersson
Born: 1985 04 22
Family: Engaged to be married to Henrik Thorngren
Qualification: SKK dog breeding eductaion, handler(all breeds) etc.
Breeds:  Chihuahua & Dachshund mini/kaninchen

Name: Lena Charlotte Petersson
Born: 1962 02 19
Family: My  two children - Krister & Josefin
Qualification: SBK instructor, SKK dog breeding eductaion etc etc.
Breeds: Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Chihuahua & Pekingese
Josefin & Lena
The Prefix?
The prefix Trochilidae "Tro chilli de", it is the Latin name of the hummingbird family.
The story behind is quite simple.
We have always admired these wonderful little creatures, birds no bigger than an insect with colors lik gems.
Mama Lena loves Latin, her first litter was named by Latin words for flowers :)
Josefins have also had the nickname "little bird" or "hummingbird",
so this name has a great emotional place in our heart.
Both large and small dogs is bred under the prefix Trochilidae, but..
Welsh Corgi Cardigan is one of the smallest shepherd dogs, Klein Spitz and Pomeranian is the smallest Germanspitz and Chihauhuan smallest of all breeds :)
(The Bernese mountain dogs is not the smalles, but not the greatest either)
Josefin & Lena Petersson