Trochilidae kennel

Trochilidae kennel Chihuahua

Litter - A 1994-01-13  Bernese mountain dog 5+3
LP SEUCH Bernami's Andro + LP Augusta

Trochilidae Andromeda-Diza HD u.a ED u.a
Trochilidae Anemone-Lydia  HD u.a ED u.a
Trochilidae Astrantia-Taza HD u.a ED 2
Trochilidae Atriplex-Målle HD u.a ED u.a
Trochilidae Arctium-Minus HD u.a ED u.a
Trochilidae Anthriscus-Pax HD u.a ED u.a
Trochilidae Astragalus-Alf Ej rönkad
Trochilidae Anthericum-Fio HD u.a ED u.a 

Litter -
B 2002-10-30 Welsh Corgi Cardigan 1+6

Cardax Ymdrin + SEUCH Nickname's Bernice to cardax
Genetic PRA free lines!
Trochilidae Black-Blizzard
Trochilidae Blissful-Hope
Trochilidae Beloved-Belle
Trochilidae Bdrim-Flora
Trochilidae Bead-Black
Trochilidae Blaze-Donnalie
Trochilidae Beauty-Story

Litter -
C 2007-06-29 German Kleinspitz 4+0
SEUCH Lillhamras Xtar Dexter Saint Jock + SEUCH Kleinspitz of the year -09 & -11 SEW-11 Lillhamras Evita Peron
Trochilidae Carl-Honeyfoot
Trochilidae Cali-Honeysock
Trochilidae Caani-Honeypaw
Trochilidae Clark-Honeytoe PL 0.0 PRA clear

Litter -
 D 2009-05-02 Chihuahua 1+2
Z'athenas First Little Miracle + Fancy Face's Beautiful Naomi
Trochilidae Daydream Charm PL 0.0 PRA clear
Trochilidae Dark Art Outsmarted
Trochilidae Dream Oracle PL 0.0 PRA clear

Litter -
E 2010-09-12 German Kleinspitz 2+2
Lillhamras Incredible Igor + SEUCH Kleinspitz of the year -09 & -11 SEW-11 Lillhamras Evita Peron
Trochilidae Egg to Inferno PL 0.0
Trochilidae Edible Dark Marks PRA clear
Trochilidae Elixir of Life
Trochilidae Enchanted Snow PRA clear

Litter -
 F 2011-03-14 Chihuahua 1+3
Fandango of Pico Diablo's + Trochilidae Daydream Charm
Trochilidae Failure Teaches Success PRA clear
Trochilidae Fit In Is Not My Thing PRA clear PL 0.0
Trochilidae Face Your Fear
Trochilidae Fight For Your Rights PL 0.0

itter - G 2012-10-01 1+2
Dagon Lair Ming Dynasty at Stormin + Trochilidae Daydream Charm

Trochilidae Gillyflower
Trochilidae Golpalott's Third Law
Gubrathian Fire

Litter - H
Dragon Lair Min Dyanasty at Stormin + Trochilidae Deam Oracle

Trochilidae He Flew Like a Madman
Trochilidae Hairy Snout Human Heart
Trochilidae Hiccough Sweet

Litter - I 2013-12-11

Ch Picasso's Sharp Dressed Man + Trochilidae Dream Oracle

Trochilidae I Licked Liquid Luck
Trochilidae Ice Mice Twice
Trochilidae I'll Bite In Moonlight


Trochilidae Daydream Charm
Female, Cream & white.
 Trochilidae Dark Art Outsmarted
Male, Tricolor particolor.
 Trochilidae Dream Oracle 
 Female, White & creme.
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